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Healthy wash new concept of the new concept of the statue of the body in AWE scene.

Author:   Release time:2018-07-25 14:40:51

On March 19, 2014, including industry experts, representatives of dealers and media representatives, experts in the Chinese electrical appliances exposition (AWE) within the pavilion "YiPuLan prize shortlisted products for the on-site inspection, and has carried on the review and awards. "YiPuLan award" initiated in the Chinese home appliance exposition, as to the traditional white electricity, household appliances, small appliances, hutch defends black home appliance such as home appliances, home appliance parts awards, new products in the industry of the highest level, reviews its with wide coverage, strong pertinence, high professional level, was regarded as an indicator of the Chinese electrical appliances industry. This year's prize product is the latest and highest technology of all kinds of household appliances, among which the dj-s2108 body cleaner won the most popular product award.

Dj-s2108 cleanser products advocate healthy washing concept, which embodies the concept of fashion, health and environmental protection. The whole machine is designed by foreign professional designers with beautiful appearance and smooth, ergonomic requirements. The double nozzle is more sanitary, clean and healthy while saving the paper and avoiding the toilet pollution. Energy saving design, leakage protection, multiple temperature protection and flame retardant design. Product core parts adopt imported parts, the design fully considering the safety, human nature, comfort at the same time, the appropriate grasp the development of the clean body implement direction, structure on the possibility of the reserved product modification and upgrade.

Products cover king pin clean body implement the market at present all functions, including: ms after flushing the toilet, wash, mobile water, massage rinse, children flushing, automatic flushing, warm wind, deodorant, power saving, nozzle position adjustment, pressure adjustment, heater temperature control, temperature control, temperature control, water temperature, bh, automatic change water leakage protection, also includes the necessary hot safety prevention function.

This kind of clean body special structure design, the whole unification, reduces the industry mainstream product to expose the gap, the person seat cushion and the skin height to fit. The extension can rotate the arm to prevent the user from turning around in a large Angle. The whole machine Angle forward, dynamic.

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