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2016 is an exciting technology life love real smart clean body.

Author:   Release time:2018-07-25 14:41:29

"Just as we have been developing a clean body for 10 years to bring health to our people, now we have a new dream to train a large number of businesses and entrepreneurs who are respected by the society."

During the Spring Festival this year, a "people rushed to the Japanese intelligence clean body implement" news across great river north and south, overnight, as China's first brand clean body implement clean body implement (intelligence), royalstar clean body implement a network popular search term.

The reporter's perception of Mr. Pan is still five years ago, when he was elected to the national youth league as the only representative of the solar industry in anhui province. More than a decade ago, when the royalstar is already a household name, Pan Baochun with new enterprise cooperation pattern, founded in 2003 in hefei royalstar solar energy technology co., LTD., and served as chairman and general manager, as the old state-owned enterprises royalstar group, a subsidiary company.

As the first generation of Chinese solar energy entrepreneurs, the epitome of pan baochun is the epitome of success and pain. He finally takes the spirit of craftsman, innovates drive, focuses on the user, after the typical "ten years grinding one sword", grasps the real pulse of Chinese solar industry.

Now Pan Baochun led now has "pinguan", "royalstar", "the treasure", "library" four big domestic famous brands, total assets of 2.6 billion yuan, more than 10000 employees of royalstar electronic appliance group. With the vision of globalization, open thinking and innovative spirit, we will move forward with the dream of a more splendid future.

Start a business - solar energy started, create the black horse legend.

Goodbye to pan baochun, just over the age of 40, he still looks kind, polite and humble.

Before the founding of rongda solar energy company, pan baochun did the household appliance trade. In the process of operation, he constantly fumbles, ADAPTS to the consumer demand, and manages the household appliance business to the sound and color.

The merchant's talent, perhaps his bones may be good at studying in character's personality, in the process of do home appliance trade, Pan Baochun discovered the solar water heater is the huge market potential, bold decisions will own investment into more comply with the situation of economic development and a doctor of the economic and social construction need of the solar energy industry.

Since the launch of the first solar water heater in 2004, the company has been adhering to the "win-win" business philosophy, creating a new situation for consumers, manufacturers and businesses to win more. More than 600 and quickly established a level agents, stores and franchisees to more than 2000, sales network throughout the country 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, the company to make to the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise to enter the solar energy industry one of the largest marketing network. Just five years, rapid growth royalstar solar for solar energy industry a dark horse, and was awarded anhui famous brand, national high-tech enterprises, China's solar energy industry top ten enterprises, become the solar industry a shining star.

Under the leadership of pan baochun, the annual sales of rongda solar have achieved a "light-speed" growth that is three times faster than that of its peers. In 2007, the company has amounted to 100 million yuan of investment in fixed assets, the diversification and expansion of more than 1000 acres of solar energy production base, China solar water heater industry is one of the largest enterprises.

But in 2009, with the national standard of formal solar industry, a series of industry had good policy finally in execution has deviated from the government, a large number of professional business due to the policy of good into the solar industry, the unqualified products, defective products flooding the market, the industry is lack of good faith, the market demand is overdraft quickly, make the solar water heater industry rapidly. In Mr Pan's view, this is a "good deed" by the government.

Royalstar solar energy but also for the day, all products are in rapid decline, the turnover of Pan Baochun gallop stores more than 10 years and have never encountered such a big trouble, when sorrow awake at night, white hair growing pain is in the mind.

In the end, however, he survived and "changed in practice", and pan baochun summed up his successful experience.

Pan baochun pioneered the CS business model, namely the direct cost and value-added service, focusing on the solar engineering market. In product management and business model as the main characteristics, through the mode and the inner mechanism change, realize the solar engineering straight for the cost of the product and service value, which changes the previous supply and demand for mutual cooperation, to hold the solar engineering market.

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