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The big business opportunity behind the saliva: clean body scenery is infinite.

Author:   Release time:2018-06-15 16:03:34

For several months, the clean body has been put on the cusp of public opinion. Some astute businessman has discovered the hidden behind the hot saliva enormous business opportunities, to the old national home appliance enterprises - royalstar electronic appliances group represented by the clean body implement industry is quietly rising.

With the fast and steady development of real estate industry, as well as the change of the idea about people: the pursuit of quality of life and health to enjoy more, household industry booming, intelligent products also accepted by most consumers. In today's advocating science and technology, environmental protection and energy saving living environment, intelligent household has become an important trend for the future, it also spread to a wide scale for clean body implement ordinary consumers provide opportunities among the people.

At the same time, we can't afford to ignore the fact that the "post-80s" population, which is keen on digital survival, has become the protagonist of the house decoration. Statistics show, in 2006, in "after 80" working city, more than 3 into the housing, compared with other age groups of buyers, "after 80" tend to choose comfortable, quality, healthy way of life. A wide consumer market for digital home products, including the clean body, has been created. In addition, "after 80" has the decoration style that is completely different from father's father, in toilet and whole house decorate a respect to be willing to accept the intelligent product that saves time and energy convenient.

Let us look abroad, the household penetration rates in Japan and South Korea are 98% and 85%, and the penetration rate of public facilities is 80% and 60% respectively. There are about 430 million households in China, with less than 1 percent of the current household cleaners. In the next 10 years, if 40% of households to install clean body implement, per the average family has 1.5 clean body implement (in fact, many families have two toilet), to calculate each clean body implement unit price 2000 yuan, China's only family clean body implement market capacity is over 516 billion. Combined with the market capacity of public facilities, the overall market capacity of the clean body will reach about 800 billion yuan. There are so many opportunities for small body cleaners that many people can't anticipate. It turns out that the more easily overlooked, the greater the energy!

To sum up, the clean body in the 1.3 billion people this huge market, the development prospect is extremely broad. But because the manufacturing level of each brand is mixed, how to choose the clean body that suits their specific condition when buying clean body, still is the problem that should consider first. According to relevant experts, Japanese sanitary ware does not necessarily suit the Chinese market. Because of China's water quality from abroad is different, and the large difference of north and south, with each city water pressure is not within the scope of the unified, so Japan buy clean body implement whatever on the installation or use and can not meet the requirements of all customers.

As worthy of NO1 clean body implement industry in China, the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise only in clean body implement royalstar electronics group, aiming at the problems that sells on the market clean body implement, combined with China's environment and living habits of the people, has devised many clean body implement with "Chinese characteristics". With multi-function, personalized and humanized, it will be the initiator of the next round of rich movement.

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