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International air transport characteristics.

Author:   Release time:2018-07-25 14:44:37

International air transportation is the transportation between country and country, country and region. Compared with domestic cargo transportation, it has the following main features:

(1) international express transportation involves international relations, which is a highly policy-oriented foreign activity. The international air transport is an integral part of international trade, transport of goods in the process of the organization, need often occurs with foreign direct or indirect extensive business connections, the connection is not only an economic, often involve the international political problems, is a policy-oriented cross-cultural activity. International express transportation, therefore, is not only an economic activity, is also an important foreign affairs activities, this requires that we should not only with economic perspective to deal with the business, and must have the concept of policy, in accordance with the requirements of the foreign policy of our country engaged in international transport business.

(2) international express transportation is a lot of long-distance transportation in the middle stage. International express transportation is transport between countries and countries, countries and regions, in general, the transportation distance is long, often need to use a variety of transport tools, through multiple handling, passes through many of the intermediate links, such as transshipment, transform the mode of transportation, etc., through different regions and countries, to adapt to the rules and regulations in different countries around. If any one link problems, will affect the whole process of transportation, this requires that we make good organization and manufacturing.through, avoid appear disjointed phenomenon on a link, to transport damage.

(3) international express transportation involves a wide range of aspects, and the situation is complex and changeable. International express transportation involves many sectors at home and abroad, with different countries and regions, the owner, the transportation, the commodity inspection authorities, insurance companies, Banks or other financial institutions, customs, ports, and a variety of intermediate agents, etc.

(4) the time of international express transportation is strong. Punctual shipment import and export goods, the goods shipped to the destination in time, the performance of the import and export trade contract, to meet the needs of the market competition of the commodity, improve the market competition ability, the timely settlement of exchange, has a great significance. In particular, some fresh goods, seasonal commodities and sensitivity, more rapid transport, time to organize the supply, just to improve the competitive ability of export commodities, to consolidate and expand the sales market. Therefore, international express delivery must strengthen the concept of time, time, speed, to win quickly.

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