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FAQ About How To Use MUHENG Bidet

Author:   Release time:2018-11-22 15:28:42

What's the problem with using only toilet paper anyway?

We all want to be hygienic back there. For far too long, the common routine after you poop is to wipe, wipe, and wipe some more with toilet paper. This frequent and repetitive motion can cause skin break down and thinning, which can lead to tearing and skin build up (ew!). Bringing a bidet into our routine would by-and-large eliminate these negative consequences. It's easy, it's fast, it's appropriately hygienic, environmentally sound, and really allows everyone to get that sense of complete and utter cleanliness.


Where does the water come from? Isn't it dirty toilet water?

No, it's not toilet water! MUHENG bidet gets its water straight from your tap water. You could totally drink from MUHENG bidet, which would be weird, but hey, you do you!


Okay but(t) how do I dry off?

If your booty is too busy to air dry, you can pat dry with our reusable, ultra-comfy Towels or our super sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper. Using MUHENG bidet dramatically reduces the amount of TP needed by like, a lot – because endless, irritating wiping turns into just a few nice pats when you’re using MUHENG bidet.


Is the MUHENG bidet classic water too cold?

The water is simply the temperature of your tap water and a cool spray of water right on your bum is actually really refreshing on your warm, post-poo bottom. Think of it like sipping a cool glass of water on a warm summer day. ;)


Does MUHENG spray warm water or cold water?

Potty plot twist! We offer both the MUHENG Classic and MUHENG Spa. The MUHENG Classic is our most popular and versatile bum wash. It is super easy to install and it just connects to your water supply and sends a stream of cool (or room temperature!) water right where the doo is done!


MUHENG Spa works the same way but has an additional hose that runs to your sink’s hot water connection to access warm water. A temperature control dial on the MUHENG console allows you to change the water temperature before you spray your bum! Therefore, MUHENG Spa works best if your sink is located near your toilet, so that you can run a hose from the sink's water supply valve to your MUHENG. The additional hose is provided in every MUHENG Spa box. it can fit under the cabinet door or through a tiny hole in the side or back of your bathroom sink vanity.

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