NEW China Muheng Classical Design Top-rated Warm Water Toilet Bidet Attachment(CB2000)

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1. Benefits of Using a Bidet Attachment

  • Better personal hygiene and cleaning

  • Greatly reduce the consumption of toilet paper

  • Save money and economic.

  • Better skin care and more comfortable to use

  • Reduce plumbing problems and prevent clogs

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2. The Specification of Warm Water Bidet Attachment



3. Opitional Accessories of Warm Water Bidet Attachment


4.Why Choose Non electric Bidet Attachment Warm Water? 


1) Non electric Bidet Attachment Toilet Seat, requiry no electricity or battery and are powered by using ONLY water pressure.

2) More than 10 time CHEAPER than the Electronic bidet, but with mainly functions.

3) Easier and Quicker to install, don't need any power supply.

4) Easy operation for kids, pregnent and elder people.

5) Easy to clean the toilet seat.

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