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China will introduce a large number of body cleaners.

Author:   Release time:2018-07-25 14:53:45

Once had circulated online such a small story, a Japanese guests came to China in a five-star hotel, with a clean body implement, because of the need to live for a long time, so the Japanese ask hotel to provide backup power. The head of the hotel is very difficult, because the hotel itself has the traditional toilet, the toilet also does not have the backup power supply can provide, did not expect the guest to have such requirement. 

Perhaps many people will be feeling after watching the Japanese is affectedly unconventional, but said a Japanese student, clean body implement cover and the land is in Japan, do you live in a hotel or even the toilet in the bathroom in public places will be equipped with, even returned home after go out a lot of students in China are not used to, I just came back from Japan directly buy a. 

In Japan, more than 95 percent of all sanitary wares are available, not only for families, but also for hotels and public places, while at home, the penetration rate is less than 1 percent. Now have expert proposal, clean body implement should be popularized in the hotel first, at the same time, relevant enterprises in the process of research and development production, should not only pay attention to the water saving, energy saving products, as well as positive to the intelligent direction, and will strive for an early intelligent toilet popularization.

But also has the opposition in the expert, said China is now in the market is not a high demand for clean body implement, showed the americans to was not adapt to this kind of product, but the Spring Festival period of Chinese tourists snapping up Japan's clean body implement the news is on the rejected this view, proves that the domestic demand is not without, just no corresponding products on the market.

And now facing the market with clear demand, is it necessary for domestic families and hotels to go to Japan for purchase? Of course not. As early as 2003, royalstar electronic appliances group has put this product into China market, and has set up production base, as well as the developed countries such as the United States the famous clean body implement brand to do OEM, through continuous research and development iterations, royalstar clean body implement technology and quality has reached a world-class level, with a lack of understanding about China produced, just ignore the situation.

Relative to the development of time far beyond China to Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, because of years of development and adaptation, was only done it will clean body implement this product to all places of the society, Chinese consumers on chinese-made clean body implement have the correct understanding, popularity is not far away

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